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Will You Believe


Will You Believe?

Jesus is the Son of God,
Our lives He came to save.
His broken body on the cross,

His life He freely gave.

A crown of thorns, and nail-pierced hands,
A spear thrust in His side.
What sacrifice of Love is this,

Who shed His blood and died?

His broken body and His blood,
The Father’s gift of Love,
Poured out in mercy, forgiveness and grace,
Flow down from Heaven above.

A cold, dark tomb, His resting place;
The end?…NO!…It was the start! 
Of God’s great Love for all mankind
With wounds that broke His heart.

The tomb could not contain such Love;
Its power burst forth with might.
Jesus rose up from the grave
In Glorious shining Light!

With death defeated on the cross,
He opened up The Way
And broke the chains that held us bound
In sin – No debt to pay!

The debt we owe for all we’ve done
Was paid on Calvary.
The cup of suffering Jesus bore
So we can now walk free!

If someone gave their life for us,
Their love we’d not deny.
We’d live our life a brand new way;
We’d love them ’til we die.

JESUS gave HIS life for US!
Why live our lives deceived?
Jesus will reveal the Truth
The moment we believe.

The choice is ours; will we believe?
Heaven waits with bated breath.
The choice we make decides our end
Eternal life…or death.

The message of the cross is this…
…believe and be set free!

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, 

(2013: By Michele Neal)

Michele is the author of Come on Church! Wake Up! ; The End of The World  and The Gospel of Deception – Counterfeit Christianity and the Fate of Its Followers

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