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“When is the Rapture coming” is a very topical question Christians are asking in these unprecedented times.  And Prophecy Today Magazine asked me to write an article concerning this Biblical End-Times event. 

I imagine some readers will be asking the question “What is the Rapture?”  Well, it concerns the miraculous ‘taking away’  into the air by Jesus Christ of His followers – at an unspecified future time.

Before the End Times and Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Bible teaches that the Antichrist will arrive to deceive the world during a seven-year period known as The Great Tribulation.  And the End of the World will not take place until after the Rapture has occurred.  Consequently, people all around the world are asking the question, “When will this happen?”

When is the Rapture coming then?

And the honest answer is that nobody knows; not even Jesus Christ.  But, The Bible gives us pointers – particularly as to what must happen BEFORE the Rapture can take place.  

Christ’s return could be imminent and will happen when we least expect it.

Prophecy Today has published a three-part series of differing viewpoints on this subject.  Basically, the three most common views – based on Scripture – are what are known as: pre-Tribulation, mid-Tribulation and Post-Tribulation.

I put forward in my article what I believe is the clearest Biblical understanding which points to a mid-Tribulation Rapture.

Despite the controversial nature of this important event, I find it hard to understand many churches reluctance to teach it.  However, be that as it may, the series of articles in Prophecy Today are all excellent and you can read my contribution here:

Prophecy Today Magazine Article – Before The Wrath

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