When Healing Doesn’t Happen: A Life Lived for God Through the Journey of Suffering

When Healing Doesn’t Happen: A Life Lived for God Through the Journey of Suffering

There’s a silence of suffering, and it’s sitting in our pews - when God doesn't heal, what do we do?  Many believers are struggling and in pain, and some can’t even make it to the church door…
This book is the story of the author’s own life – a life lived for God through the journey of suffering. With honesty and courage, she shares with us the struggle as we accompany her on a walk down ‘Weary Lane’. Revealing many overlooked but godly reasons for suffering, she discovers and shares God’s purpose in her pain, as well as giving us joyful accounts of miraculous healings that have happened. Bravely tackling the difficulties that can occur in knowing how to respond towards those whose healings haven’t happened, the author packs this book with scripture, shining the light of Christ onto the unspoken reality of long-term suffering – a path on which many in Church leadership seem hesitant to tread. When God doesn't heal, there is far more we can do than doubt...
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The Author's battle with ill-health

For much of my life I have had to battle with ill-health.  I don’t know about you, but I have found this can be a great challenge to my faith. It really hurts when people pray for you and, if you don’t get healed, say it’s your fault. What’s even worse is when they tell others “Well it’s obvious she/he doesn’t have the faith for the healing.”  Or they might say “There must be some unconfessed sin in her life.”  I sometimes wonder if they share these unbiblical assessments to hide their own failing in their expectations of God - who knows?  When God doesn't heal, there may be a reason but there may not, as Jesus explains in the Bible.


You will write a book"!

Well imagine how surprised I was to be asked by God to write about this subject.  I felt completely inadequate!  However, I discovered from many great people used by God that He viewed my perceived inadequacy as a strength.  So, be encouraged dear reader!


Why am I not healed?

Some of us have very personal questions for God when our health just continues to deteriorate.  Especially when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.  Let’s be honest with each other, it is absolutely fine to ask questions like:

"God, why am I suffering like this?"
"Why isn’t God healing me?"
"When God doesn't heal, what do I do?"
“Why didn’t God heal my mom?
"Lord, if your will is not for me to be healed of this particular illness (or disability), please show me why... and give me the strength to cope."

In my book I hope you will find answers to many questions you may have, perhaps about your personal situation.  Or your concerns may be for a loved one or a dear friend.  My prayer is that you be encouraged greatly, whether or not, you receive your healing in the way you expect.




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