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After 30+ years in the ‘wilderness of suffering’, the Lord has finally got me to the point of writing this book, entitled ‘When Healing Doesn’t Happen’.  Many have said to me that it needed to be written.  So, at last, here it is! I pray that it will help, encourage and bless all who read it.  It is available worldwide on Amazon.

There’s a silence of suffering, and it’s sitting in our pews. Many believers are struggling and in pain, and some can’t even make it to the church door…

When healing doesn’t happen, what do we do?

This book is the story of the author’s own life – a life lived for God through the journey of suffering. With honesty and courage, she shares with us the struggle as we accompany her on a walk down ‘Weary Lane’.  Revealing many overlooked but godly reasons for suffering, she discovers and shares God’s purpose in her pain. What’s more, she gives us joyful accounts of miraculous healings that have happened.

She bravely tackles the difficulties that can occur in knowing how to respond towards those whose healings haven’t happened. Also, the author packs this book with scripture, shining the light of Christ onto the unspoken reality of long-term suffering.  And this is a path on which many in Church leadership seem hesitant to tread.

When Healing Doesn’t Happen – What others are saying about the book!

Michele has approached this all-important topic and burning issue, “When Healing Doesn’t Happen” with great sensitivity and clarity… Having read Michele’s previous books, as always, she meticulously backs up her insights with Scripture upon Scripture… My prayer is that this book will be a great blessing to many and that our Lord Jesus will mightily use it to His honour & glory. ­– Excerpt from the Foreword by Day Ashton – Author of Moments of Encouragement, Freelance Writer and Bible Teacher. Also Blogger for Day’s Meditations (daysmeditations.wordpress.com) and In Defence of the Truth (dayashtonuk.wixsite.com/indefenceofthetruth)

I spent 8 years in a wheel chair when my six children were small, desperately looking for God’s healing, so I identified deeply with this book. The most important thing about it for me was Michele’s powerful testimony of the way she brought God into the centre of her pain and healing. – Jennifer Rees Larcombe – beautyfromashes.co.uk and author of many books, including Beyond Healing, Unexpected Healing, and Turning Point.

” Suffering and pain…”

Michele’s book takes us on a powerful journey through her own courageous, yet intimate, battle of suffering and pain…  [She reveals] to us a God who has a purpose and plan for everything in our lives and will still use us for His glory, when we allow Him. – Rev. Jack Munley – Founder and Lead Pastor of Rescue & Restore Church, Olyphant, Pa. and author of The Church In America Is Dying, But Is All Hope Lost?

Michele writes using biblical truth, wisdom and authenticity as someone who continues to experience suffering in her life. Yet, she keeps her eyes on Jesus through it all. For anyone who is going through or has experienced suffering, or knows of someone who is, this book will bring comfort and insight, addressing important truths with grace and boldness. – Ruth Clemence – ruthclemence.com, Writer, Premier Digital award-winning blogger, and cancer survivor.

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