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Watchmen ... or Wolves?: Demonic Takeover in the House of God

Watchmen ... or Wolves?: Demonic Takeover in the House of God

This book is subtitled – Demonic takeover in the House of God - because that truly is what is happening. Many church leaders, knowingly or unknowingly, are driving a new progressive, worldly, liberal version of Christianity upon their congregations, causing many of them a great deal of distress, not knowing what to do next. Our hope is that this book will stir up many leaders in the Church, causing them a measure of discomfort that will challenge them to repent and turn back to obedience to God’s Holy Word. Anyone in a position of authority in the Church, who is teaching 'theology' that is in direct contradiction to Holy Scripture, or a watered-down version of it, is no longer one of God’s true watchmen: They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and God has called us to implore His sheep to flee from being under their authority as a matter of urgency.  I co-authored this book with my husband Chris Neal and you can find his web site here: Chris Neal - The Christian Book for Men



The book has been reviewed by the online magazine Prophecy Today (Part of Issachar Ministries).  Click here to read the review:

Prophecy Today Book Review

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