Watchmen ... or Wolves?: Demonic Takeover in the House of God

Watchmen or Wolves? 

 'Watchmen or Wolves?' has been given the subtitle 'Demonic takeover in the House of God.'  Why is that? ... because this truly is what is happening during these End Times.

Many church leaders, knowingly or unknowingly, are driving a new progressive, worldly, liberal version of Christianity upon their congregations.  As a result, many churchgoers are experiencing a great deal of distress, not knowing what to do next. Our hope is that this book will stir up many leaders in the Church, causing them a measure of discomfort!  Indeed, our purpose is to challenge them to repent, and turn back to obedience to God’s Holy Word...

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... Anyone in a position of authority in the Church, who is teaching 'theology' that is in direct contradiction to Holy Scripture, or a watered-down version of it, is no longer one of God’s true watchmen. Instead, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  And God has called us to implore His sheep to urgently flee from being under their authority.

I co-authored this book with my husband Chris Neal and you can find his web site here: The Christian Book for Men


Sound the trumpet.  The Watchmen have become Wolves!

As watchmen, part of our role is to ‘sound the trumpet’ as a warning to God’s shepherds (church leaders).  But not only to shepherds, but also to God’s sheep (the followers of Jesus Christ) - when things go awry.  Surprisingly, few shepherds are listening.  And consequently the Church continues to lose its way.  Why is this?


The latest enemies of the Church

Well, for many Bible-believing Christians, liberal progressive theology and ‘wokeism’ are the new enemies of the Church!

Furthermore, the increase in liberal theology within the Church in the last five years - in particular - has shocked us both. When I shared my thoughts with Chris he was keen to work with me on the manuscript. 


Why the title ‘Watchmen… or Wolves?  A picture from God…

At the time of writing the manuscript, we were living in the hill country of Wales.  At the present time, Wales is famous for its sheep and lamb.  No sooner did we arrive than God showed us from nature how, if a sheep is strong and influential enough, the entire flock will follow it - or the shepherd himself - potentially into mortal danger.  By comparison, Jesus tells a parable about himself being the Good Shepherd.  He contrasts himself with ‘hired hands’ – those expected to tend the sheep, but who do not care sufficiently about them.  In the same fashion, Jesus says about such Christians:

“He who is a hired hand and not a shepherd, who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees, and the wolf snatches them and scatters them. He flees because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep.” John 10:12-13 (ESV)

So, the question is – Is your church leader a shepherd or a hired hand (a ‘wolf’)?  In order to find out, you may feel you need some help, and help is at hand...


Why should you read this book?

The purpose of Watchmen or Wolves is to help you discern what kind of leader is in charge of your church.  Explicitly, do they come under the category of Bible-believing, orthodox followers of our Lord Jesus Christ?  Or is your church one which is, in the words of The Reverend Melvin Tinker who endorsed our book, ‘a Church gone adrift of its Biblical moorings.’  In conclusion, this book addresses these and many other questions in order to help improve your discernment.

Postscript: At the time of endorsing our book, Melvin Tinker was the Senior Minister of St. John Newland Church.  This was a large Anglican Evangelical church in Hull.  However, in August 2020 both he and his entire church left the Church of England.  You can watch a video interview in my blog discussing his reasons for leaving



Watchmen or Wolves has been reviewed by the online magazine Prophecy Today (Part of Issachar Ministries). 

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