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Watching and Waiting

Watching and Waiting


What will you do when Jesus returns,
Will you be ready my friend?
Will you be watching and waiting for Him?
All the signs point to the End.

Will you sing praises with joy in your heart,
Or will you just hide from His face?
It’s all up to you for you know what to do
To be sure that you’ll finish this race.

Was your Light shining when someone you knew
Was lost, in despair and in strife?
Did you do all that the Lord asked you to,
to guide them to eternal life?

Did you give shelter to someone in need?
Did you give help to the poor?
You know what to do to be sure you’ll get through
When Jesus is there ‘at the door’.

Remember how Jesus died there on the cross
To cleanse you from all of your sin!
Remember the day that the Lord changed your life
And gave you His Spirit within!

Use what the Lord gave you, day after day;
Be sure that no chance pass you by,
to pray for the sick, then believe that the Lord
will heal them in front of your eyes!

Jesus will come, and it may not be long,
Returning to take home His Bride.
Keep your Lamp burning and watch for the signs,
He’ll come when we least realise.

The trumpet will sound and a shout will go out,
The Bridegroom is coming at last!
Make sure you are ready, don’t leave it too late,
In the blink of an eye it’ll be past!

Watching and waiting for Jesus our Lord;
Watching and waiting for Him.
Heeding His warnings, obeying His Word
To be certain that we’ll enter in!  

(Copyright 2013: Michele Neal)


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