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Is Liberal Theology truth or is it error?

The sin of progressive liberal theology is at the forefront of the teaching promoted by an increasing number of clergy.  Sad to say, this is very noticeable within the Church of England.  What’s more, they continue to push for unrepentant sinful practices to be accepted WITHIN the Church and its teaching.  I wrote at length about such heresy in my books The Gospel of Deception and Watchmen… or Wolves?

The Bible is clear in its teaching that God’s definition of marriage is unequivocal.  You see, Jesus said that God created a man to grow up, and at the appointed time to leave his parents and marry a woman. (See Matthew chapter 19 verse 5).  In fact, both the Old and New Testaments are clear about Sexual practices.  God is very clear that He does not approve of sexual activity between two men, or between two women.  However, members of the liberal wing of the Church of England (and some other denominations) continue to push their anti-Biblical agendas.  These are expressly against the will of God for His people.  Because of their ‘convincing’ arguments, we must continue to pray for the gift of discernment so as to realise when we hear error. 

Absolute Truth is found in the Bible.

When something you hear doesn’t feel right in your spirit, it probably isn’t truth.  The best thing to do is to go back to Holy Scripture and you will very likely find your discernment was correct.  The truth is only to be found in God’s Holy Word.  Because of this, the sin of progressive liberal theology needs to be exposed for what it is – UNBELIEF.  When a person declares to be a Christian, but teaches or preaches anti-Biblical beliefs – clearly in opposition to the very Word of God – such people are counterfeit ministers of the Gospel.

God is not a ‘killjoy.’  He is a loving Father and He wants only what is best for us all.  He knows only too well where sin leads to, and is desperate to protect us from that place.

Rebellion in the Church of England Ranks!

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