The Gospel of Deception: Counterfeit Christianity and The Fate of its Followers

The Gospel of Deception: Counterfeit Christianity and The Fate of its Followers

DECEPTION!  The twenty-first century Church seems to be abandoning its holy and anointed role of keeping watch over the souls of those who are followers of Christ. Succumbing to the lure of deceptive teachings, many church leaders are feeding their flock with Satan’s counterfeits to authentic Christianity. So, with a powerful, Biblical message that will shake the Church to its core, The Gospel of Deception exposes these counterfeits.  And it warns believers of the dire eternal consequences if they fail to wake up and repent. With global End Times signs escalating at a phenomenal rate, Jesus could return at any moment.  But, His Bride seems far from ready. The Gospel of Deception is a ‘Midnight Cry.’ A cry for the Bride of Christ to wake up and return to her First Love before it’s too late.  But, will she respond…?

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The author's challenge...

My first book highlighted how the Church was falling asleep.  My second one was about the End Times. Consequently, I was surprised to discern God asking me to write another Christian book about the decline in His worldwide Church.  God was overwhelming me with the variety of different deceptions in the modern Church.

As I pondered this, I recalled something the Bible reveals.  That is, when God is concerned about something He will often repeat His warnings several times.  To be sure, this often applies to the dangers of sin and evil for example.  God does this out of His extreme love for His people.  After all, He doesn’t want us to suffer, He wants to underline the importance of repentance...


Old Testament Prophets exposed sin and deception.

Many Old Testament prophets were sent to God’s people.  Firstly, to warn them about their sin. Secondly, to explain there would be consequences to their turning away from their God and creator.  Few, it seems, listened to the warnings, even though they were repeated by a number of His watchmen.  Repentance, they proclaimed, was the key.  All of a sudden, I felt that God was testing me...  Would I be prepared to stand up, be counted, and expose deception in the Church - and call it to repentance?


How to avoid deception

In this book I give Bible teaching on deception.  You may be a young minister or preacher in the Church.  If so, God wants to help you to learn how to avoid deception in the church, and in your teaching.  I take you back to Biblical principles and also highlight examples of how NOT to do church!

As well as that, I give examples to ‘the flock’ of how to know if you should change churches.  You may well have observed while driving around that many churches have closed down in recent years.  With this in mind, I talk about ‘what are the signs of a dying church?’


Questions about faith

You may have questions about ‘religion’, Christianity, the Bible, or the Church, e.g.

Isn’t the Bible just a book of fairy tales?
All religions lead to Heaven don’t they?
Is there such a place as Heaven?  If so, how do I make sure I get in?
Is it right for Bible teachers to make Holy Scripture ‘culturally relevant’?
Is it true I can worship God any way I want?
My vicar is very liberal in his views about scripture. What’s wrong with that? 
Surely there’s no place in the Church for fundamentalists is there?
How do we discern if someone today is a false prophet?


Let God teach you through the words of this book

By reading this book, I believe you will find God opening your spiritual eyes and unstopping your spiritual ears.  He is so keen to do that, because he wants to reveal His holy truth to one and all.  But He won’t coerce you.  He waits patiently for you to be willing, and to be humble.  It takes humility to ask for another’s help.  And there is no greater teacher than Almighty God!

God bless you in your adventure with Him.




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