The End Of the World: And what Jesus has to say about it

 What does Jesus have to say about the world's ending?

Many 'End Times' books, movies and computer games are all coming onto the market.  But how many of them tell us that the 'End of the World' is prophesied in the Holy Bible?  And that it will be the final catastrophic event that will come upon the world to fulfil God's eternal plan?  The answer is very few, and that is so sad, as God’s plan is awesome - for His people anyway.

God’s plan is to save all those who believe in His Son Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.  However, there is a very different end for those who remain unrepentant and reject Jesus Christ as their Saviour.  In fact, that end is to spend eternity in a place called hell, a place originally intended for the devil.

This book tells you just that! In her 'no-nonsense' but easily readable style, the author takes us through the impending events of the 'End Times' leading to the 'End of the World', and shows us plainly what Jesus has to say about it. The only worthy authority on this vital subject is the Word of Jesus Christ.  Consequently, the author packs this book with Scripture to confirm the message. The time may be short...  This is a 'Must Read' book in the times in which we now live. 

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This book is a Biblical study about the subject matter. 

Michele has noticed from her internet and news media searches that in recent years many people are noticing something odd.  Basically, they seem to have come to the conclusion that the planet is rapidly going out of control.  The young, in particular, have become very worried about pollution.  Consequently, activists are at work bringing their Governments' attention to the global chaos that we are all witnessing.  And more and more people are genuinely concerned that the world is coming to an end.

Christians are still asleep!

My biggest surprise is that there appears to be less Christians searching for answers than unbelievers!  Why does that surprise me?  Well because the Bible (and Jesus in particular) talks about this certain event in some detail! 

Unbelievers and Christians are asking similar questions.  Many Christians don't seem to realise the answers are there in front of their eyes in the Bible. 

I hear questions concerning the End Times along these lines…

Is Jesus really going to come back?
Is His return known as the Second Coming?
What does the Bible says about when Jesus will come back?
When will He return?  Will it be soon?
Why, and for whom, is He coming back?
Does the Bible definitely say Jesus is coming back?
Is Advent all about this, or does it refer to his first coming?

My aim in writing the book, was to answer these and other similar questions you may about this important topic.




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