The Day I have promised is Coming 8th August 2021 – Posted in: Deliverance, Poems, Rapture, Salvation/Eternal Lfe

The Day I have Promised


The Day I have promised is coming.

Soon the Trumpet will sound.

The Day I have longed for is ready.

My Bride will soar heaven-bound.


The Day that so many have scoffed at;

Those who don’t truly believe.

With their lips they profess that they love Me,

Yet their lives cause My Spirit to grieve.


The global deception is mounting.

The wide path is full to the brim.

Millions are doomed to destruction,

Not a care that their end will be grim.


The Falling Away is in free-fall.

Multitudes now follow the lie.

My shepherds lead my flock to the slaughter

In their ravenous zeal to comply.


With evil dressed up as ‘the saviour’,

My Church has opened its doors,

Ushering all who have entered,

To obey what the enemy implores.


The time of My Grace is soon ending.

The evil to come…who can tell?

The world will not know what has hit it

When the Rapture is followed by hell.


If only they’d come to their senses.

If only they’d fall on their knees.

If only they’d accept My great offer

Of Salvation to all who believe.


The clock is now ticking in earnest.

The Birth Pains are minutes apart.

What I have planned, I’ll deliver.

Make sure you are ready to depart.


I am dressed in the Bridegroom’s garments.

I am ready to come for My Bride.

I am waiting My Father’s commandment

So that I can rush to your side.


In the space of a millionth of a second,

My glory will snatch you from earth,

For you are My treasured possession,

My faithful one of great worth.


So, be watchful in prayer in your closet.

Lift up your eyes to the sky.

Behold your Bridegroom is coming,

So, REJOICE, your redemption is nigh!


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