Recommended Christian books and ministries

We have listed recommended Christian books and ministries below.  We recommend these strongly and we fully support them as being Biblically sound and evangelical.

Christian Books

Recommended Books and Ministries

For each of us, recommended Christian books and ministries are determined by a number of aspects of our faith.  Also, the books we choose to read are influenced by our theology, and where we are in our walk with God.  So, I want to start by recommending my husband’s Chris's first book.  It is a comprehensive work, especially for men – whether or not the man is a Christian. God laid this work on my husband’s heart and I watched how it all developed over a number of years.  He intended for the work to be a long training module, but God said, "No, it's to be a book!"
Like my own books, it is very much supported by Biblical principles. 

Chris's book is one book, but is split into two volumes. 

The two volumes are firstly ‘Overcoming soul battles’, and secondly ‘Overcoming behaviour battles.’  If you are a man or a woman who is trying to persuade a special man to get into reading Christian books - and you certainly won't be alone, ask my husband Chris! - this is a valuable Bible-based resource. The Christian Book for men  View here 

There are many Christian authors and many books for us all to choose from.  Recommended Christian books and ministries are therefor difficult to specify.  Consequently, I have chosen just a few here which relate in a powerful way to our own ministry. They cover areas of vital importance in these days: Biblical truth, End Times, and/or liberal theology/error within the Church.

The first is: My Utmost for His Highest  by Oswald Chambers  View here

Secondly, The Reshaping of Britain - Church & State Since the 1960's.  A Personal Reflection  by Clifford Hill  View here

Thirdly, Trumpet Blast Warning - An End Times Prophetic Wake Up Call by Jason Carter  View here

And finally, Are you ready for the End Time?  Understanding Future Events from Prophetic Passages of the Bible by J C Ryle  View here


Christian Ministries

I am aware that having a page on a website concerning ‘Recommended Christian books and ministries’ is risky!  For every Christian who feels strongly that a particular ministry is ‘Godly’ there is often another who will give their reasons why it is not!  Consequently, the Christian ministries listed below are those I either know personally, or of which I have a good knowledge.  Obviously, there are countless others, but I prefer not to list any of which I have no real knowledge.

Gavin Ashenden - Restoring Orthodox Christianity as an Anglican -

Issachar Ministries -

In Defence of the Truth

Day’s Meditations

Christian Concern -

All About Jesus

Francois Botes - Prophetic and Worship Ministry -

Charlynne Boddie Ministries -

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