'Come on Church! Wake Up!'

"Brilliant book! The message, like Christianity itself, is simple.  We all sin, and we all need to repent.  And if we don’t!  Watch Out! It was a challenging read resulting in a salutary experience, for which I thank you." 
Hugh Graham (Journalist, Author and Broadcaster)


"I finished reading the book and it's truly amazing. So powerful. Well done. Your book definitely needs to be read worldwide! It's given me so much hunger to really pursue God and learn and grow as a Christian. It's just amazing, as a new Christian I feel that reading your book has opened my eyes to just how much God has given us and how much we should all be giving to Him. I can't thank you enough for being strong and brave enough to write it."
Monique Wills (Gainsborough, UK)


"I have just finished your book. Just as amazing as I thought. It is so sensitive and non-judgemental for such a difficult subject. One of my daughters got hold of it and it has changed her life!"
Vivien Savage (Leighton Buzzard,UK)


"Thank you for sharing your story with us. It is a much needed message to the body of Christ in these days. Clearly it has been birthed out of much labor....and pray the Lord will bless your endeavor and minister to many through your message."
Capt. Dale Black: Author of 'Flight to Heaven'  www.daleblack.org


"This is a great book that 'stirs up' the heart and shakes a complacent and dormant church out of its sleepy slumber and apathy! Michele unpacks the first chapters in Revelation, and draws parallels for today, from Gods Word and His warnings to the early church... In the Book of Revelation we are told that God hates the practices of the Nicolaitans...In the book, Michele explains that this was a sect within the church that was teaching 'compromise' with the world.... Michele warns against a compromising and lukewarm church, and she writes with Gods Heart, love and passion towards the church of the 21st century... any Christian who reads this book cannot fail to be moved into action...and to 'Wake Up ' to what God is saying today!!" 
Jan Coats ( Grantham UK)


"I loved the book and can think of a number of people who need to read it! I know from my own experience that God honours us when we are obedient to His call, and you clearly have been obedient in writing the book. May God bless you richly as you journey on with Him."
Vera Quick, (Lincolnshire, UK)


5 Star Amazon Book Review

A true Wake up Call

 "Come on Church! Wake up! is a heartfelt plea with the truest of love and concern for the body of Christ today and the author captures tough love in a written form with the fullest of emotion and urgency. There is a global crisis of sin and immorality in the church. Many professing Christians are practicing shameful lifestyles like that of unbelievers. Sins of adultery, fornication, drunkenness, drug abuse and deceitfulness are rampant among those claiming to be followers of Christ. The author spares no tough love correction; as she not only brings out her own witness of it but her heart seems as grieved and concerned as Jesus’ when He addresses the seven churches in Revelation 2-3.

It comes as a surprise to learn that there is so little preaching against sin today and rarely do churches actually hold Christians accountable for their behavior. I must live in a bubble. Without doubt, this is the reason sin is flourishing in the body of Christ and why the church has become so powerless and ineffectual in standing against moral decay at all levels of society both in the US and abroad.

The Bible is clear that those who practice adultery, fornication, homosexuality, addiction, idolatry, sorcery, murder, and drunkenness will not inherit the kingdom of God (Gal. 5:19-21). The author cries out as “one crying in the wilderness” for believers to repent of their sin and seek forgiveness before it is too late. Come on Church! Wake up! is a genuine wake up call for the church to stand up and deal with the sin that has crept through its’ door and disarmed its’ position. The author points out from Scripture that it doesn’t matter that believers claim to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior; anyone living in sin and ignoring Biblical truth is not right with God. Jesus said, “Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven” (Matt 7:21).

Taking the disciplinary corrections as well as any applause given by Jesus to the seven churches in Revelation 2-3, the author breaks down each church with a modern day viewpoint. Like the church at Thyatira, which tolerated immorality in its midst, the evangelical church today has grown too accepting of sin. Rather than influencing the world with the Gospel and being the salt of the Earth; the church has become influenced by the unacceptable behavior of sinners and watered down God’s word to make everyone feel better about themselves and their conduct. God didn’t give us the Bible to make us feel better; it was for our salvation to keep us from eternal pits of hell and separation from Him.

Unfortunately, when sin is allowed and not rebuked by the church, the purity of the Bride of Christ is sullied, and the vital witness of the church to a lost and dying world is compromised. This is a critical hour for the church. Jesus may come at any moment to Rapture His Bride!! God gave this author a powerful message and she delivered it spot on. The corporate church must stand for the truth of God’s word and deal with its’ sin. The author’s use of Jesus’ words in Revelation 3:2, “I find that your actions do not meet the requirements of my God,” truly resonated in a way they had never done so before after having read Come on Church! Wake up! Those words continue to echo days after reading the book. I highly recommend Come on Church! Wake up! and I look forward to reading more of Michele Neal’s works."

Patricia C. McGlennon BS CBT (Author of 'Last Call For The Church')



'The End of The World'

 "Invaluable and important work. Compelling, well written, easy to understand, insightful and presented with a sincere heart of pleasing God.  This significant book will  cause you to think as well as add a  vault of knowledge to your understanding of end time's Bible prophecy."
Amazon Book  Review (5 Stars) by  Capt. Dale Black - Author of "Flight To  Heaven", "Life, Cancer and God",  & "How God Heals"   www.daleblack.org

"A thought-provoking Christian book! This is a great, exciting book that I would highly recommend!! A faithful commentary to the book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible! It's a great sequel to Michele's first book 'Come on Church Wake Up' which is written around the first three chapters of Revelation. Michele now 'unpacks' Revelation chapters 4 onwards,prayerfully and thoughtfully. She challenges the reader to ask themselves ...are we living in the End Times?? All the signs seem to be pointing to a resounding Yes!! I love this book because it is full of biblical Scripture, and bringing it all together in context, Michele 'puts together' everything Jesus said about the end times, so it reads as one narrative....she also does the same with what the apostles said, and also the prophets too.. Michele challenges us to act on what we have heard...as time is running out!!"
Amazon Book Review (5 Stars) by Jan Coats


“Michele Neal is a remarkable lady who puts Jesus first in all she does; this includes even her own health. In the short period of time I have been her Minister, I am amazed by the depth of her spirituality. She reflects on deeply profound theological insights in everyday language at a level all can engage with. Michele’s great skill with this is evidenced within her books; she seems able to speak these deep spiritual truths to us and then unpacks them for us to understand.  
Having read Michele's first book 'Come on Church! Wake Up! - Sin Within the Church and What Jesus has to Say About It', as a church we have been woken up to the seriousness of sin within the Church, and we now sit bolt upright to the issues we face in these end times.
Michele skilfully opens our minds to what Jesus says within the Gospels, as well as what the Apostles and Prophets say, and finally what John says within the Book of Revelation about the impact of the End of the World for believers and unbelievers alike. Her insight into the Scriptures wakes us up to the reality of the times we live in, and how we need to draw closer to the truths of the Bible.  
Michele seems to bear in her body the spiritual burden of waking up the Church to the truth of God’s Word. She is often in pain or feels fatigued, but the biggest blessing is to see her worshipping. She will dance around like a teenager waving coloured banners and flags, free of pain and full of energy, as she is totally free in her Heavenly Father's presence.
As she has struggled physically to write this book, what has carried her through is the presence of God in her life. In her physical weakness it is His strength that has enabled her to bring the realities of the End of the World into our everyday understanding.
I am very proud to know Michele and her family. It’s a great blessing for me to support and encourage her as well as endorse this book to you.
I wish you wisdom and every blessing in how you use this reflection on this inspiring book and person."
Rev. Mark J Evans B.Th (Oxon) Newport Congregational Church, Newport, Isle of Wight. UK