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A Prophet Without Honour

A Prophet Without Honour


I tell them of the Gospel,

Yet they refuse to understand.

They refuse to see or hear the things

That Jesus has in hand.


Their lives collapse around them;

Distress and anguish reign,

But still they do not want to know

That God can heal their pain.


God’s Spirit grieves within me

Each time they turn away;

Rejecting Jesus Christ the Lord,

The Truth, the Life, the Way.


I know His Light is shining,

But they will not lift their eyes;

Content to dwell in darkness

And deceive themselves with lies.


They tell me not to speak of Him,

The One who gave me life.

Yet for His name I suffer,

Though it pierces like a knife.


But Jesus counts me worthy,

So I rejoice to suffer shame,

For being chosen of the Lord;

A witness to His name.


I cannot help but speak the things

That I have seen and heard,

Yet still they hearken not to God,

Resisting every Word.


Will their eyes be opened?

Or will they ever see?

Will they ever understand

His blood can set them free?


A prophet has no honour

With those who know his name.

They think of him as ‘one of them’

And reject what he proclaims.


But the prophet is compelled

to speak of all that Jesus taught.

The Day of Judgement hastens,

And our time is running short.


The prophet truly loves you,

though his message brings much gloom,

He speaks from great compassion

For he knows that man is doomed.


That’s why his words are forceful,

He must shout God’s Word abroad,

That salvation is through no-one else

But Jesus Christ the Lord!


(Copyright 2013: Michele Neal)



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