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This blog concerns a real-life personal deliverance from evil.  I have been a follower of Christ since 1992. And I understand and believe Jesus’ teaching that those who are His followers will be able to cast out demons. I have been in the presence of people who have experienced a demon being cast out of them, which has manifested in the ways that are clearly described in the Bible.

Not only that but I have read books on this subject, written by high profile Christians.  And many say that once we become followers of Christ, we personally cannot have demons in us that need casting out. They say quite rightly that we can be oppressed by demons, causing us depression, anxiety, fear and all manner of troubles, but they state that we CANNOT have demons actually in us that need casting out.

I believed this to be the truth for the first sixteen years of being a Christian….until early one morning in 2008, when something strange happened to me. So, let me try to put it into words, although I know that my words will be totally inadequate to describe the experience that took over me, without me doing anything to cause it to happen.

A Personal Deliverance from Evil; it started with a dream.

It was the early hours of the morning and I was having a dream where I was at a large Christian conference where there was a high profile Christian preacher. Strangely, both the preacher and I were wearing the same tops! (not that this fact has any relevance!).

I approached her and asked if I could hold her hand. I don’t know why, but she said I could only hold one of her fingers. So, I didn’t question this, but just did as she requested, and at the same time, I knelt down with my head bowed, and I began to pray. She also prayed, and so did some people who were behind me. I do not recall what we were praying about, although I was aware that I was praying in tongues.

All of a sudden, this strange sensation came over my body, which felt like what I can only describe to be a supernatural ‘vacuum cleaner’ sucking an evil spirit out of me. This evil spirit was being drawn up and out of my heart at an angle of 45 degrees to the right. My whole body was engulfed in this experience, and it felt as if everything was being shaken up inside my heart and my head.

I felt an intense resistance from this evil spirit in my heart. It was fighting against being drawn out of me. Whilst I could feel everything that was happening to me, oddly I could actually see what was happening to me as if I was watching myself from behind. I heard all these evil noises inside myself and around me as if this evil spirit (or maybe more than one spirit) was being drawn out by the power of God.

The dream was very powerful

This dream was SO powerful that it actually woke me up. But as I woke up, I found that my heart, mind and body were ACTUALLY physically experiencing what was happening in this dream! In real life, whilst I was wide awake, my whole body was shaking violently, and my heart was experiencing this ‘supernatural suction’, and my mind was focused like a laser on God for deliverance from this evil spirit. My hands were gripping the bed frame because I felt like I would be sucked out of the window, such was the force of what was happening to me in real life.

As all this shaking was going on, out of my mouth came all these evil, gutteral noises in a deep masculine tone. I could hear it all so clearly and it was terrifying. I tried with all my strength to say the word “Jesus”, but no sound came out of my mouth. This was even more terrifying, because I knew that only calling on the name of the Lord would deliver me from this evil. It felt as if Satan had his hands over my mouth and had glued my lips together so that I could not speak the name of Jesus.

Jesus, help me!

However, I was determined to keep trying to cry out His name, and after several more attempts, I managed to say “Jesus” over and over again, in the tiniest of whispers as if through clenched teeth, because it was as if my mouth had been paralysed. I just held on to the bed frame whilst all this was going on, and I did not move until I felt that all this activity had ceased. It seemed to take forever, but from the time of waking up from the dream, the real life deliverance took about one minute. And as a matter of fact, I was utterly exhausted when it was all over.

I know with certainty that this was a real experience of deliverance from an evil spirit, but it was triggered by a dream involving a Christian leader, and an act of faith on my part to simply do as she requested and ‘hold her finger’. Undoubtedly, I felt power and faith come out of her through her finger, which caused the evil spirit to submit to the authority of Jesus Christ in her and in me, through our faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. It is about obedience to God, even if the method seems strange to us (i.e holding her finger).

A Personal Deliverance from Evil

So to all who claim that believers cannot have demons in them to cast out, I can confirm that a demonic spirit was cast out of me! It was a gruelling experience, so I am not likely to make this all up and deceive you.

Many times over the years I have experienced the presence of an evil spirit in my bedroom, and I have tried to call out the name of Jesus, and the same thing has happened where I have not been able to speak because of this sensation of being gagged. But through sheer determination, I have managed to whisper His name, and the evil spirit has fled. Thankfully this has been confirmed by other authors whose books I have read, who have had the same kind of experience.

We must obey the Lord!

Before coming to Christ, I had got caught up in all sorts of worldly things. I had opened the door to Satan and his demons. But when I came to Christ, I still found myself entangled with these things and I failed to repent of them. I believe that the evil spirits of these sinful behaviours were still inside of me and needed to be cast out, but most churches are fearful of anything to do with demonic activity, and so no one offered to pray for me for deliverance.

When God’s people fail to do what Jesus has instructed them to do, God has to do the job Himself! So I am fully convinced that this is what He did to me!

God delivered me from evil! This truth is actually part of the Lord’s Prayer, where we pray, “Deliver us from evil” (Matthew 6:13 & Luke 11:4)

Glory be to God forever!

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