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One Day Very SoonPoem by Michele Neal



This is my latest poem…


One day very soon it’s going to be too late,

The Lord is coming back, His ‘sheep’ to separate.

If you do not walk the path that’s narrow and straight

You may find yourself the wrong side of the gate.


One day very soon you’ll see before your eyes,

The Lord return in glory, bursting through the skies!

You will know for sure we preached the Truth, not lies,

When you see God’s faithful ones begin to rise!


One day very soon you’ll hear the trumpet sound.

There’ll be no excuse if you’re left on the ground.

Obey the Word of God, therein the Truth is found.

You will then rejoice when we are heaven-bound!


One day very soon it’s going to be too late.

One day very soon the Lord will SHUT THE GATE!

No more excuses, Jesus will NOT wait.

One day very soon it’s going to be TOO LATE…


( Copyright 2013: Michele Neal)



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