When is the rapture coming?

“When is the Rapture coming” is a very topical question Christians are asking in these unprecedented times.  And Prophecy Today Magazine asked me to write an article concerning this Biblical End-Times event.  I imagine some readers will be asking the question “What is the Rapture?”  Well, it concerns the miraculous ‘taking away’  into the air by Jesus Christ of His followers - at an unspecified future time. Before the End Times and Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Bible teaches that the Antichrist will arrive to deceive the world during a seven-year period known as The Great Tribulation.  And the End of the World will not take place until after the Rapture has occurred.  Consequently, people all around the world are asking the question, “When will this happen?” When is the Rapture coming then? And the honest answer is that nobody knows; not even Jesus Christ.  But, The Bible gives us pointers – particularly as to what must happen BEFORE the Rapture can take place.   Christ’s return could be imminent and will happen when we least expect it. Prophecy Today has published a three-part series of differing viewpoints on this subject.  Basically, the three most common views - based on...

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Freedom – a poem by Michele

Freedom - a poem by Michele Neal   The life we have taken for granted has been taken away by force. The freedom to do as we desire curtailed ‘for our good’…of course?   Most people won’t even question, they just toe the Government line, believing that life will return once more if we all ‘just comply’, we’ll be fine!   The more we obey what’s ‘instructed’, the more we are tied up in knots. They dangle the carrot of ‘normal life’ once we all get in line for our ‘shots’.   Qualified doctors are silenced. Whistles that blow…never heard. It’s the pied-piper’s tune we must follow, we must stick to their ‘plan’ undeterred.   Have you wondered where all this is leading? Do questions arise in your soul? How could the world be caught in such fear, unless there’s a plan to control?   Is the virus the reason for lockdowns? Or is there a global scheme? An agenda so HUGE you’d dismiss it, a ‘Conspiracy Theory’, you’d scream!   The answers are all in the Bible. God warned us this time would soon come; of global deception and chaos, preceding the return of His Son.   He warned...

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Dreams and Visions End Times Rapture

End Times Dream

End Times Dream – August 2021 A few nights ago, I had an intense dream.  When I woke up, I knew in my soul that it was a warning. There were two parts to the dream: In the first part, I was deeply focused and very busy trying to prepare a house to get it ready to live in. In the second part, I was in an airport with lots of people that I knew. There was a lot of excitement, and everyone was bustling with joy!  We were all off to a ‘destination’ and were eager to get to the departure lounge to be sure that we would be getting on the flight.  I kept looking at the overhead signs showing our flight, but soon got distracted by other things around me.  Then all of a sudden, the airport was completely empty… But I was still standing there…on my own. My heart started to race in agonizing panic as I desperately ran around trying to find where everyone had gone.  I knew that they must simply have been called to the departure gate, but I didn’t know where it was because the sign on the board had disappeared.  I...

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Deliverance Poems Rapture Salvation/Eternal Lfe

The Day I have promised is Coming

The Day I have Promised   The Day I have promised is coming. Soon the Trumpet will sound. The Day I have longed for is ready. My Bride will soar heaven-bound.   The Day that so many have scoffed at; Those who don’t truly believe. With their lips they profess that they love Me, Yet their lives cause My Spirit to grieve.   The global deception is mounting. The wide path is full to the brim. Millions are doomed to destruction, Not a care that their end will be grim.   The Falling Away is in free-fall. Multitudes now follow the lie. My shepherds lead my flock to the slaughter In their ravenous zeal to comply.   With evil dressed up as ‘the saviour’, My Church has opened its doors, Ushering all who have entered, To obey what the enemy implores.   The time of My Grace is soon ending. The evil to come…who can tell? The world will not know what has hit it When the Rapture is followed by hell.   If only they’d come to their senses. If only they’d fall on their knees. If only they’d accept My great offer Of Salvation to all who believe....

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Christian Living News

Melvin Tinker leaves the Church of England

Last month, Christian Concern reported that Melvin Tinker has left the Church of England.  Not only Reverend Tinker, but also his Church as well! The following details are from the Christian Concern Website… Melvin Tinker has left the Church of England 'In August 2020, a new Anglican network of churches was set up in Hull....  Within just weeks of the announcement, over 500 people signed up to join Christ Church Newland, Christ Church Riverside and Christ Church Orchard Park. All of this was the result of two years of faithful prayer and planning by church leadership.  [The reason was] to ensure an “orderly exit” from the Church of England.... Melvin Tinker is a well-known author and international speaker and Director of Theology for the Christ Church Network in Hull. For 26 years he was vicar of St John, Newland, a large Anglican Evangelical Church in Hull. He is the author of over 70 published articles relating to doctrine, ethics and culture.  And over 14 books including That Hideous Strength: How the West was Lost-the Cancer of Cultural Marxism and Veiled in Flesh: The Incarnation – what it means and why it matters (IVP). Rev. Dr Melvin Tinker... shares why the church leadership felt...

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A Prophetic Word from David Noakes for the times we live in

This article concerns a prophetic word from David Noakes.  It originates from the online publication ‘Prophecy Today’.  Without doubt, it is a prophetic word for today!  And it is a call for the Nation to turn to the Lord.  I publish this blog because the article is something in which I am in complete agreement.  If ever we needed our church leaders to speak and act boldly, surely now is that time.  Our country and the entire world is experiencing what has been described as a global pandemic.  And how are our Church leaders responding?  Well, I hear platitudes, non-Biblical comments, and even worse, silence!  The words below are an extract from this powerful and important article.  They are written by Dr Clifford Hill.  For those who do not know Dr Hill, you can read his autobiography here on his web site. Introduction from Dr Clifford Hill to the Prophetic Word from David Noakes 'These are sombre days in the life of our nation and if ever there were a need for a word from the Lord it is surely now. We cannot just ignore the tragic news of more than 100,000 deaths from the coronavirus in Britain. But the one...

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End Times General

Understanding The Times We Are Living In

We must never underestimate the significance of the founding of the state of Israel in 1948.  In fact, all End times prophecy watching is an important area to focus on, now the time is so short. Israel has a key place in End Times Prophecy The short item in the link at the bottom of this page is an important article.  It will help followers of Christ understand what is behind some of the events of our times. Looking for End Times signs Christian watchmen are called to be on our guard and look for signs in the heavens and on the earth.   In fact, we must look for signs that point the way to the End, and to the return of Christ.  I talk about these things in my book The End of The World The Bible is clear about the place of Israel in End Times eschatology.  And any suggestion that the Church has replaced Israel is a lie of Satan. ‘And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment.’ (1...

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Rebellion in the Church of England Ranks!

Is Liberal Theology truth or is it error? The sin of progressive liberal theology is at the forefront of the teaching promoted by an increasing number of clergy.  Sad to say, this is very noticeable within the Church of England.  What's more, they continue to push for unrepentant sinful practices to be accepted WITHIN the Church and its teaching.  I wrote at length about such heresy in my books The Gospel of Deception and Watchmen... or Wolves? The Bible is clear in its teaching that God's definition of marriage is unequivocal.  You see, Jesus said that God created a man to grow up, and at the appointed time to leave his parents and marry a woman. (See Matthew chapter 19 verse 5).  In fact, both the Old and New Testaments are clear about Sexual practices.  God is very clear that He does not approve of sexual activity between two men, or between two women.  However, members of the liberal wing of the Church of England (and some other denominations) continue to push their anti-Biblical agendas.  These are expressly against the will of God for His people.  Because of their 'convincing' arguments, we must continue to pray for the gift of discernment so...

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When Healing Doesn’t Happen

After 30+ years in the 'wilderness of suffering', the Lord has finally got me to the point of writing this book, entitled 'When Healing Doesn't Happen'.  Many have said to me that it needed to be written.  So, at last, here it is! I pray that it will help, encourage and bless all who read it.  It is available worldwide on Amazon. There’s a silence of suffering, and it’s sitting in our pews. Many believers are struggling and in pain, and some can't even make it to the church door… When healing doesn’t happen, what do we do? When Healing Doesn't Happen - What others are saying about the book! Michele has approached this all-important topic and burning issue, “When Healing Doesn’t Happen” with great sensitivity and clarity… Having read Michele’s previous books, as always, she meticulously backs up her insights with Scripture upon Scripture… My prayer is that this book will be a great blessing to many and that our Lord Jesus will mightily use it to His honour & glory. ­– Excerpt from the Foreword by Day Ashton – Author of Moments of Encouragement, Freelance Writer and Bible Teacher. Also Blogger for Day’s Meditations (daysmeditations.wordpress.com) and In Defence...

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End Times – The escalating rise in immorality and lawlessness

The escalating rise in immorality and lawlessness..... As I look around me and observe what is fast becoming accepted and deemed as 'normal' in society - things that society has inherently known, without question, to be wrong, deep within the core of its being - I have found myself to be so vexed in my spirit that it has caused me to want to almost become a recluse, hiding away in my house for much of the time.   Michele is the author of Come on Church! Wake Up! , The End of The World  and The Gospel of Deception - Counterfeit Christianity and the Fate of Its Followers.  Available WORLDWIDE as paperback and Kindle, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other online book stores.   This post is entitled 'The escalating rise in immorality and lawlessness'.   Return to Home Page

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