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Freedom – a poem by Michele Neal


The life we have taken for granted

has been taken away by force.

The freedom to do as we desire

curtailed ‘for our good’…of course?


Most people won’t even question,

they just toe the Government line,

believing that life will return once more

if we all ‘just comply’, we’ll be fine!


The more we obey what’s ‘instructed’,

the more we are tied up in knots.

They dangle the carrot of ‘normal life

once we all get in line for our ‘shots’.


Qualified doctors are silenced.

Whistles that blow…never heard.

It’s the pied-piper’s tune we must follow,

we must stick to their ‘plan’ undeterred.


Have you wondered where all this is leading?

Do questions arise in your soul?

How could the world be caught in such fear,

unless there’s a plan to control?


Is the virus the reason for lockdowns?

Or is there a global scheme?

An agenda so HUGE you’d dismiss it,

a ‘Conspiracy Theory’, you’d scream!


The answers are all in the Bible.

God warned us this time would soon come;

of global deception and chaos,

preceding the return of His Son.


He warned of a global power

enslaving the world in its snare,

where no one can function in everyday life

unless they are ‘marked’…but BEWARE!


The ‘mark’ that is offered as ‘freedom

is presented to us as a choice.

But will quickly become a mandate

against which we’ll have no voice.


They’ll use it to control every aspect.

Your life will not be your own.

You’ll belong to the One World Order,

and the freedom they promised…OVERTHROWN!


Something promoted as ‘healthcare’,

being used to prepare humankind

to eventually receive the ‘mark of the beast’;

to their evil scheme you’ll be aligned.


Conspiracy or truth??


This is NOT a Conspiracy Theory,

it is Biblical truth, to be sure.

Jesus warned it would happen.

We are foolish to scoff and ignore.


Revelation Chapter 13 warns us,

be certain you don’t take the ‘mark’,

for if you do, there’ll be NO escape,

your soul will be doomed to the dark.


There is only ONE WAY of redemption.

There is only ONE WAY of escape.

You must put your faith in Jesus Christ

who has opened the Salvation ‘gate’.


He has promised to come for the faithful.

He has promised to return for His Bride.

All who have put their faith in Him,

forever with Him will abide.


We’ll escape the wrath that is coming

on all who despise God’s Son.

We’re not destined for wrath, but SALVATION;

on the Cross our redemption was won!


Please question all you are hearing.

Please open your eyes and see,

the DECEPTION dressed up as ‘the solution’

is the shot’s claim to ‘set you free’.


There is only ONE WAY to true freedom,

it’s through faith in Christ Jesus, the Lord,

repent of your sins and turn to Him

for eternal life…your reward!


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