Come on Church! Wake Up!: Sin Within the Church, and What Jesus Has to Say about It

Sin Within the Church, and What Jesus Has to Say about It

The Church must wake up, before it's too late.  This is a timely and much needed book on the issue of unrepentant sin WITHIN the Church.  For the most part, this whole topic is something that is largely overlooked and frequently ignored.  Indeed, the author tells how the truth of the message of this book was revealed to her.  Moreover, God revealed it to her through a painful personal experience.  Markedly, you will discover the effect it has had on her life.  This is a 'Must Read' book for all Christians and is packed with scriptures to confirm its message.  Lastly, it exhorts us to examine our lives and make ourselves 'ready' for Jesus' return.  

Notwithstanding the fact that not all churches are asleep, the Church must wake up, before it's too late!

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Christian Book Number One

Come on Church! Wake Up! was the first of the Christian books written by Michele Neal and it was released in January 2013.  Earlier, God had spoken a word over Michele, that her ministry would be ‘silent but powerful’.  But, it was some time before it emerged that her ministry would involve the writing of Christian books!

One day, when Michele was searching the internet, she noticed just how much the internet was awash with spiritual questions? Explicitly, many were asking questions such as:

What is sin?
Is it OK to sin?
Will God forgive my repetitive sin?
Why do I need to confess my sin?
Does repentance mean to say sorry, or rather to change my behaviour?
Why is obedience so important?


Answers to these Questions...

You can discover answers to many of those questions in this book, but God had first to wake up Michele!  For the first time, Michele found the last book of the Bible – Revelation - making perfect sense to her.  In her book you will learn how the words of our Lord Jesus were a rebuke over the early Church. The Lord laid bare their sin.  Undoubtedly, Jesus’ words of rebuke recorded in Revelation apply even more so to the global Church today!


The Church must wake up!

Undeniably, the twenty-first century Church has fallen asleep.  Consequently, Michele’s prayer is that readers of her book will hear God’s call to ‘Wake Up’ and be saved.  And salvation requires us to wake up, believe in Jesus Christ, turn from our sin, and back to God. Only then will we hear the words of God, “Well done my good and faithful servant.  Enter into the joy of your master.” See Matthew 25:23.




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