The Chosen Ones (Poem by Michele Neal) 1st May 2017 – Posted in: Christian Living, End Times, Poems, Salvation/Eternal Lfe

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The Chosen Ones  

You have been called, but will you be chosen,

when Jesus returns through the sky?

Is your wedding robe on? Is His praise on your tongue? 

Will He call you, or just pass you by?

Do you keep watch? Is your lantern topped up? 

Do you shine forth His glorious light?

Or when you face Him, will your lantern grow dim,

when He comes like a thief in the night?

Are your feet on the Rock? Are they steadfast and sure

in the wonderful ways of the Lord?

Are you spotless and white? Are you pure in His sight? 

Are you daily applying His Word?

You have been called, but will you be chosen

when the final trumpet shall sound?

God shows us the way; will you trust and obey,

to make sure you’re not left on the ground?

(2013: Michele Neal)

Michele is the author of Come on Church! Wake Up! ; The End of The World  and The Gospel of Deception – Counterfeit Christianity and the Fate of Its Followers

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