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Am I really a follower of Christ

We call ourselves a Christian; a follower of Christ.  But do we examine our daily lives to see if we are really living as Christ would want us to live?

Christianity goes far beyond the mere “head-knowledge” of the principles of our faith which we find in Holy Scripture.  For example, many have great knowledge of what God’s Word says. Whata’s more, they hear His Word and are well-learned in what it says.  But are they actually “doers” of His Word?

You see, real Christianity is rooted in a love for God and His Word that compels us to actively live out what we believe, and express it in every situation in our daily lives, in the ways that we think, act, speak and feel.

When we approach everyday situations from the perspective of God’s ways and purposes, we will stop and ask ourselves questions such as, “How would Jesus want me to speak to that person?” or “How would Jesus want me to respond to that person’s attitude or behaviour?” or “How would Jesus want me to respond to that person’s obvious need?”  So let’s find out – ‘Am I Really A Follower of Christ?’

The answer lies in the Bible chapter 1 Corinthians Chapter 13. Let’s have a look at what God’s Word says is true Christ-like love is.

Christ-like love is….


Firstly, Love is patient.

Secondly, love is not jealous, boastful, proud or rude.

Third, it does not demand its own way.

Love is not irritable.

Love does not keep a record of being wronged.

And love does not rejoice about injustice.

Love rejoices in the truth.

It never gives up.

It never loses faith.

Love is always hopeful.

finally, love endures through every circumstance. 

If we are truly honest, we will admit that we struggle with most of these character traits on a daily basis. Sometimes we seem to handle things beautifully and want to be like this all the time, but other times, when we are tired from a stressful day at work, we respond to things the opposite of this Biblical definition of Christ-like love.

God wants us just to be honest with Him about our failings, but with a desire to want to change.  Moreover, He is looking at our heart. He searches our hearts to see if we have any desire to want to be transformed from our carnal, fleshly self into a person who will respond to all of life’s challenges with His grace.

So, let us examine our lives and, if we need to get on our knees and ask the Lord to help us to change, let’s do so without delay!

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