In memory of my dad, who died very suddenly! 27th May 2017 – Posted in: Poems

My Dad died very suddenly, and without warning on 17th January 2015. I did not make it to his hospital bedside in time. I missed his last breath by a few minutes…The painful memory of it still lingers in my mind. I wrote this poem for dad in memory of a very loving father, and read it out at his funeral.



Miss You…


Miss you, miss you, miss you;

Everything I do,

echoes with the laughter,

and the voice of you.

You’re on every corner,

every turn and twist;

Every old familiar place,

Whispers how you’re missed.



Miss you, miss you, miss you;

Everywhere I go,

Are memories of the happy times

we shared so long ago.

Picnics in the sunshine,

Days out by the sea,

Fish and chips and cream-tea shops,

What joys these brought to me!



Miss you, miss you, miss you;

Nothing can replace,

The memory of the joy

that lit your ever-smiling face.

No matter what each day would bring;

When clouds got in the way,

In your heart the sun would shine

and never fade away.


Oh I miss you, miss you;

There’s a strange sad silence here.

Midst the busy whirl of life,

My eyes keep shedding tears.

The absence of your being,

It brings a heart of pain,

But Jesus knows that one day soon,

We’ll laugh together again.


(2015 – by Michele Neal)


Michele is the author of Come on Church! Wake Up! and The End of The World and The Gospel of Deception – Counterfeit Christianity and the Fate of Its Followers  Available WORLDWIDE as paperback and Kindle, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other online book stores.


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