A Dream of the Rapture 2nd May 2017 – Posted in: Dreams and Visions, End Times

Dream of the rapture

I would like to tell you about a dream of the Rapture.  In fact the Bible clearly tells us that the Lord gives believers dreams and visions of things to come.  At any rate, there are many accounts in the Scriptures. In fact, I have had many vivid dreams of End Times events.  And I briefly touch on them in my second book, ‘The End of The World and What Jesus Has to Say About It’.

Recently, the Lord gave me a very powerful dream.  In it, I was suspended high up in the heavens and I was looking down at the Earth.

My eyes were riveted on a tiny speck, and it was as if my eyes had superfast lenses that zoomed down on this speck on the Earth.

As my vision zoomed in, I saw that the speck was me – in my physical bodystanding on the earth.  My physical self was standing with my eyes closed tight and my face raised up to heaven.

I was beginning to wonder if this could be a dream of the rapture?

As I was still watching myself from high up in the heavens, all of a sudden, a tremendous power and intense light came from the heavenly realms which felt like a huge vacuum suction, almost like a tornado.

I watched as this power and light shot down from heaven to earth at a speed that I simply cannot describe.  Moreover, it was heading straight towards me on the Earth.

As it got closer to me, my whole being began to shake and vibrate.  What’s more, I was not able to remain standing on the earth any longer.  Finally, I realised that gravity was not able to hold me down on the Earth, and all of a sudden, I was caught up in this powerful force, and I was drawn up into the heavens at lightning speed.

Then I woke up…

I have no doubt that the Lord Himself gave me this dream of the Rapture.  So many in the Church do not believe this End Times event will take place.  Although I believe it will take place, I asked the Lord to confirm the truth to me.  He chose to answer my question by giving me a very personal vision of it, for which I am truly grateful.

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