Come on Church! Wake Up!: Sin Within the Church, and What Jesus Has to Say about ItSlide thumbnail
the End of the world and what Jesus has to say about it
The Gospel of Deception: Counterfeit Christianity and The Fate of its Followers
When Healing Doesn’t Happen: A Life Lived for God Through the Journey of Suffering



Come on Church! Wake Up!
Released January 2013


The End of the World
Released 2014


The Gospel of Deception
Released September 2017


When Healing Doesn't Happen
Released June 2019


Watchmen or Wolves
Co-authored with my husband Chris, released December 2019


Antichrist Arising
Released December 2020


reviews of michele neal books

"Brilliant book! The message, like Christianity itself, is simple.  We all sin, and we all need to repent.  And if we don’t!  Watch Out! It was a challenging read resulting in a salutary experience, for which I thank you."
Hugh Graham (Journalist, Author and Broadcaster)



reviews of michele neal books

"Thank you for sharing your story with us. It is a much needed message to the body of Christ in these days. Clearly it has been birthed out of much labor....and pray the Lord will bless your endeavor and minister to many through your message."
Capt. Dale Black: Author of 'Flight to Heaven'