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the End of the world and what Jesus has to say about it
The Gospel of Deception: Counterfeit Christianity and The Fate of its Followers
When Healing Doesn’t Happen: A Life Lived for God Through the Journey of Suffering
Christian books by Michele Neal




Christian books by Michele Neal

Christian books by Michele Neal principally concern End Times events.  In order to help identify the books here on the home page, each book title is listed below.
So, if you click on a book title, you will arrive at a different page giving details about that specific book.   At this point, you may be wondering whether the books are suitable for new Christians.  In a word, the answer is 'Yes, they are indeed!' 

Furthermore, they are also aimed at mature Christians who want to better understand the times in which we live.   Another question could be "Can the books be used for teaching?"  Likewise, the answer is they can be used as an excellent tool for teaching.  In the same way, you might be thinking, "What about the Bible, do the books include Scripture verses?"  Without a doubt, they do, and they also talk about the importance of prayer.  




Michele's Ministry

Christian books by Michele Neal are primarily based on her End Times ministry to ‘wake up’ Christians.  Specifically, you might be thinking “Wake up Christians from what?”  Basically, in order to answer that question, we need to go back one step and understand Michele's ministry. 

Michele believes God has asked her to wake up Christians who have forsaken the truth of God’s Word.  By the way, that includes Christian leaders who have been tempted by Satan into believing and promoting a false Gospel.  By all means, you may be thinking: “A false Gospel - really?”  Certainly, and it's important to realise that Jesus warns us about this, as do the apostles!  For instance, take a look at the New Testament Scriptures for yourself.  Start with the four Gospels, then the Epistles and finally the Apostle John’s End Times prophetic book – Revelation.  You will find many verses concerning a falling away of both Christian and Jewish believers.  And you will read about a rise in sin, and the pursuit of self-satisfaction.  Perhaps some of the saddest words of Christ, concern his followers losing their first love - for Him. 

The rise in sin, heresy and apostasy within the Church over recent years has been quite shocking.  Because of this, many Christian authors have written about this growing issue within the global Church. 


Liberal progressive theology is dangerous deception

There is evidence of a demonic spirit within the global Church enticing leaders down a road of liberal progressive theology.  Actually, such a type of theology is better referred to for what it is – unbelief!  And the problem is that such deception is always subtle.  Remember, Satan is the master of lies.  By being subtle, he can easily deceive many of us, just as he did Eve in the Garden of Eden.  Adam then followed Eve into sin.  Moreover, deception can so easily go unnoticed.  That's because it's not easy to discern whether our trusted preacher is twisting God’s truth, knowingly or unknowingly.  Put it this way, if you feel in your spirit something isn’t quite right, it probably isn’t.  Consequently, the Bible calls us to ‘test the spirits.’  And we do that by checking what we hear spoken, with what the Bible actually says.


Michele's books are grounded in Holy Scripture

Each of the Christian books by Michele Neal contain many verses of Scripture.  That’s because Michele is a born-again, Spirit-filled, Bible-believing Christian.  And to reassure you the books are genuine and helpful, we have included here some reviews.  These have been written about Michele's Christian books by a variety of different people.  And here you can read information about Michele, including part of her Christian testimony, her background and calling.

Michele’s husband Chris co-authored one book with Michele (Watchmen… Or Wolves?) and has written one Christian book of his own.  What's more, his book (The Christian Book for Men) was specifically written for men, whether Christian men or not.  More than anything else, Chris wants to see men discipled and his book deals with two things.  Firstly, overcoming soul battles and secondly, overcoming behaviour battles.
Details of that book can be found here.


Read Michele's blogs and follow her on social media

Finally, Michele has written many blogs which you can read here and she is prolific on twitter too.  Why not follow her - Michele's Twitter handle is @RaptureReadyUK 

Now, for a list of the Christian books by Michele Neal…



All six Christian books by Michele Neal are listed here and are available from Amazon or click here to buy direct from the author's husband Chris Neal


To order Michele's Christian books from Amazon, click on the book heading below.  Then, you can then check out details about the book before clicking the Amazon link to buy it.

Book by Michele Neal

Come on Church! Wake Up!
Released January 2013



second book by Michele Neal

The End of the World
Released July 2014



Third book by Michele Neal

The Gospel of Deception
Released September 2017



When Healing Doesn't Happen
Released June 2019



Watchmen book by Michele Neal

Watchmen or Wolves
Co-authored with my husband Chris, released December 2019



Michele Neal last Book

Antichrist Arising
Released December 2020

Christian books by Michele Neal

"Brilliant book! The message, like Christianity itself, is simple.  We all sin, and we all need to repent.  And if we don’t!  Watch Out! It was a challenging read resulting in a salutary experience, for which I thank you."
Hugh Graham (Journalist, Author and Broadcaster)



Christian books by Michele Neal

"Thank you for sharing your story with us.  [Indeed], it is a much needed message to the body of Christ in these days. Clearly it has been birthed out of much labor....and pray the Lord will bless your endeavor and minister to many through your message."
Capt. Dale Black: Author of 'Flight to Heaven'